What the Dementia-ocrats fear

Vice President DEI is the only hope Democrats have left. Switching candidates four months before the election shoots a party in the left foot. Suddenly dumping the woman they put a heartbeat away from the presidency shoots the other.

It Is Time to Shut Ukraine’s Door to NATO

Peace might have persisted if the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations had not treated Russia as a defeated nation, expected to accept whatever Washington deemed Moscow’s just desserts.

Have Democrats overdone it on the Biden-angst?

I’ve been watching the political jaw-boning on the right celebrating the fact that President Joe Biden has ‘finally’ been outed as a feeble, incontinent, fumbling old man. The media on the right are watching in joy as all their dreams are coming true with the collapse of the Biden campaign.

Making America British Again

The liberty of the whole earth was depending on the contest. Rather than it should have failed, I would have seen half the earth desolated. Were there but an Adam and Eve left in every country, and left free, it would be better than as now it is.