Have Democrats overdone it on the Biden-angst?

I’ve been watching the political jaw-boning on the right celebrating the fact that President Joe Biden has ‘finally’ been outed as a feeble, incontinent, fumbling old man. The media on the right are watching in joy as all their dreams are coming true with the collapse of the Biden campaign.

Too Many Rights?

Our Constitution worked successfully for almost 200 years until a litany of newly perceived pseudo-rights burst upon the scene, devaluing our core historical rights.

Trump made intelligent strategic choices regarding tonight’s debate

A good number of people are asking why the Trump campaign has not insisted that Biden be drug tested, and, along with that concern, they are also questioning why the Trump Team consented so readily to having CNN carry the debate using their hosts. Other questions are about Biden’s demands, such as no notes, being able to silence the debater by cutting off his mic, standing vs. sitting, and no live audience.