Should You Turn Your AC Up When You’re Not Home?

In these times of ridiculous inflation and over-the-top gas prices, many consumers are looking to save a buck or two wherever they can. Energy costs money, and the more you use it the higher the bill is going to be.

Don’t Fear the Brown Recluse Spider (Seriously)

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably heard of brown recluse spiders. While it’s true the venom of brown recluse spider can cause nasty necrotic lesions in some and could potentially be deadly for a small portion of the population, it’s pretty unlikely that any of the sensational stories you’ve heard about brown recluse spiders are true — even if they happened to your dad’s cousin.

How Do Chameleons Change Color? And Why?

Chameleons have built a pretty solid reputation on two commonly held beliefs: They can stealthily blend into their surroundings, and they are the ideal subjects for iconic ’80s anthems. But it turns out one of those supposed facts isn’t quite right — in fact, everything you think you know about chameleons and their color-changing capabilities is likely backward.

Why Is There a Crack in the Liberty Bell?

Sometimes, stories about American cultural history aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Throughout its long life, the Liberty Bell has served as an example of just how vague our collective memories can be — starting with the bell’s famous crack.

Why Is Gas So Expensive at Certain Times of Year?

Unfortunately for drivers, we often see the highest gas prices during the summer, starting around Memorial Day. In May 2022, U.S. consumers paid an average of $1.50 per gallon more than they were at the same time in 2021, according to AAA.

National Bubble Wrap Day? Who Is Making Up These Weird Holidays?

Surely you’ve logged on to social media and noticed a “day” is trending. Maybe it was National Bubble Wrap Day. Or something better like National Donut Day or National Pi Day. Or maybe it’s a day even more bizarre like National Hairball Awareness Day. Who came up with that?

Rhodium: Earth’s Rarest and Most Expensive Precious Metal

On Christmas Eve in 1800, English scientist William Hyde Wollaston a piece of nearly pure platinum ore, secretly purchased and smuggled from the Spanish colony of Nueva Granada (Colombia, today) for £795 ($1,051.99 in 1800 — worth $23,206.23 today).